What is an off site catering ATC permit and why do I need one?

If you choose a venue that does not have an ATC permit, then you will need to choose a bar service with one. We can’t stress the importance of this enough! Our business carries all the insurance and permits required to keep you legal and to take the liquor responsibility.

How many Tap Trucks are there? Can I pick mine?

Right now we have 2, but the fleet is always growing!  

“Sandy” is our Chevy 1951 truck. Classic tan with hand painted blue/brown pinstripes.

“Beau” is our GMC 1951 truck.  Two-tone metallic blue and pearl with a silver pinstripe.

Yes, please let us know what truck you want to reserve.

Can you get any beer on Tap?

Yes! We purchase our kegs from national and local distributors, so if you’ve seen it on TAP we can get it.

Can you park on the street outside my house/venue?

No, our ATC caterer permit allows us to serve alcohol only on private property. Driveways and carriageways work great for the trucks.

Can I rent the truck and provide my own alcohol?

Yes, we work with people that want to supply their own and we just charge our hourly. We will need to confirm that it is coming from an ATC permitted source.

How far in advance should I book?

We book up during wedding season and holidays so please request your quote asap.

Where do the keg cocktails come from?

We batch all of our cocktails in house with local ingredients and use organic products whenever possible. All cocktails are made fresh day of event.

Can I get my own personalized Tap Handle?

Yes you can! We work with our friends at NOLA Boards to create customized TAP handles to use for service and for you to have as a keepsake. Checkout our website for more details.

How far will you travel?

Our permit allows us to operate in the state of Louisiana. Travel fees apply for venues further than 20 miles from NOLA.

Can I rent the truck for a Second line?

Yes, we are perfect for second lines because we pour so fast. Glass of bubbles in under 4 seconds! All your guests will have a drink in hand before the trumpet starts.

Also, we can help with the alcohol permit that needs to be added to your special event permit to serve legally.